I love trading! It is great to be able to make something, and send it off, and then a few weeks later get something wonderful back. I'm always interested in a trade. 

Things I am interested in:
Quilting Fabric
Large piece of fabric for Sewing(like clothes)
Antique Sewing Machine
Spinning Wheel
Spinning Fiber
100% cotton thread

I may also be interested in other things. If you have something that you think I may be interested in, feel free to contact me at ask. You can email or if you have my other address use that. You can also call me at 503-383-1890 and leave a message if I'm not there.

Things to remember
When I am doing a trade, I am limited essentially to my stash. I can't really afford to buy fabric or supplies for a project unless it is a comission, or you are willing to buy the needed supplies for what you want, and just trade for my time.

I will have some projects that I will not want to trade, but there will not be very many of those. Those projects will be ones that I either have someone interested in, or I just have too much into them. 

We both pay the postage for the item we are sending. I feel that is fair to both of us, unless there is a huge size difference and either I or you are willing to cover the difference. If this is a local transaction, then perhaps we can meet each other half way.

There needs to be communiation. I would prefer to have an email address and a phone number, so if there is an issue on my end, I can contact you quickly. I will of course give you the same information.

For me what has worked as far as mailing is to mail either Parcel Post, or Priority Mail. We can work those details out :)