This is a picture of my spinning wheel. I got her at the end of April. I joined a group on a Knitters & Crocheters site, called Ravelry that was about Antique spinning wheels. Spinning had always fascinated me, as my aunt has a family spinning wheel(which is non-workable) and I'd always loved it.

This group, was about Antique Spinning wheels. About a month went by that I was really wanting to get a wheel, whether antique or not, and things really fell into place on this one. A member of the Spinning Group, posted the above wheel on the finds page, for 55 dollars, and said "This is a great deal, but I don't need another wheel. Can pick up." So I contacted her - even though it was located in Massachusetts. 

Her father is a professional packer, and very good at what he does. They picked the wheel up for me, made sure it was overall pretty sound, and then packed and shipped it to me for 20 dollars. Grand total I paid for the wheel was 80 dollars. 

Then, I got it home, and needed to figure out how to use it. I'd never used a spinning wheel and was rather confused about a few things. Eventually  I got it figured out, and by the middle of May, I got it to work. She is still a bit finicky at times, and she doesn't work perfectly, but at the same time she works well enough for me.

She is potentially a Shaker Wheel,  made from between 1850-1900.