Sewing Machines

One of my services is Sewing Machine Repair. I have worked with sewing machines since April of 2009.  I have not taken any classes on repair, and am by no means Certified.

My experience has been with my machines. I have had many different machines, but I did a lot of trading/selling so the most I ever got up to was 37 machines at one point. Brands that I have worked with include:


Most of the machines that I work on are older, Vintage to Antique. My specialty is straight stitch models, but I am willing to look at Zig Zag models. 
I only do the basics, and if there is an electrical issue I cannot help. I have no experience in that area. 

Services that I offer:

Basic oiling and cleaning :25.00-30.00
This involves cleaning the lint out of the machine, oiling, and changing the needle, etc. Just basic maintenance for a machine that hasn't been sitting. 

Hand Crank Conversion: 10.00
I can only put hand cranks on Singers, or Singer clones, unless you have a hand crank for your machine. Some Singer models will not work, it depends on the age of the model. Before purchase please email me a picture of your machine. The equipment can be 15-30 dollars in addition, depending on if you have a Spoked Wheel or not.