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Potato Bags

The potato bag is a wonderful thing. I have used mine several times, to test them out, in 3 different microwaves. I have not had any issues, but please use the Potato Bags according to your microwave instructions and do not leave bags unattended when using.  There have been reports of scorching in some of the newer more powerful microwaves with higher wattage.  The use of these designs does not imply that I ensure the safety of these bags. You must determine for yourself if they are safe to use in your microwave.  

I sell my potato bags for 7 dollars. They are big enough for about 4 potatoes and are around 9x8 or so. I don't have an exact measurement. I can do custom bags of different sizes, and they will have different pricing. Please contact me at e@quilteremily.com or see my contact info. I can do it in almost any color or design, though it depends on what I have.

Bags are made with 100% cotton fabric, batting and thread. 

The instructions that I include on my potato bags are as follows:

This simple bag creates a "just right" baked potato in your microwave.  The inside is well 
done, yet moist, and the skin remains tender. The bag will cook one to four medium sized 
potatoes at once.  Simply wash and dry your Potatoes. DO NOT PRICK!!  Wrap the potatoes 
in a paper towel and place in bag.  Microwave as instructed by the microwave manufacturer.
Time will vary per microwave.  
When serving, do not cut with knife, simply use a fork. potatoes will be very fluffy. 
Let the bag air dry. ENJOY!!