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Lap Quilts

I love Lap Quilts. They don't really take a long time to make, unlike a bed sized quilt, but they are still very warm and nice to curl up in on the couch. There are so many things you can do with lap quilts - it's great. 

They can also double as baby quilts, depending on size. A lap quilt goes in size from 36 inches to 60 inches, in my opinion. A Twin Size bed quilt is generally 72x80, so I feel 60 is the biggest it should be. However, my personal preference is to make them fairly big.

I am, as with other items willing to make custom quilts, and that can include sizes.
Some quilts will be pre washed, others will not. Price will be higher for pre-washed quilts.

My prices range from 50-80 dollars for each lap quilt. I generally have around 9-10 hours in each lap quilt. I hand sewn the binding, and personally piece and machine quilt each lap quilt. I really enjoy making lap quilts. Here are two examples of quilts I have made. 

This pattern below is "Sunshine & Shadow" or "Trip Around the World."