Quilted Items

With my quilted items, everything that I make is different and unique. Even if I use the same fabric on something, there is still going to be that little something that's a bit different. That's why I make mostly scrappy quilts - for me it makes it a lot more interesting. It's also because that is mostly what I have.

As far as my pricing goes, the prices vary. I have some items, such as the cases and the Potato Bags that I have a set price on, but everything else varies. The thing to remember here, is that the fabric I am working with, most of it has been given to me, or I got it at a very good price. I try to show that in my pricing.

 I also have to be fair to myself as far as time goes. I do this because I enjoy it, and the money is a nice adition as I am saving for college. The average price for my time on these is around 2-4 dollars an hour. Normally quilting fabric is 4-13 dollars a yard. If you add that in, plus the cost of batting, thread and other essentials, it adds up to quite a bit. With all of my items, I will make an effort to tell you why I came to that price.