Custom Orders

I am willing to do custom orders and I enjoy doing them. Several things to remember when requesting one. If we are doing a trade, this is slightly different, and please see the other custom pages for more information.

More Expensive
When you do a custom order, it will be more money. Typically, fabric at a Quilt store, or even a store that carries fabric is 5-10 dollars a yard. Depending on the size of the quilt, it takes 5-10 yards. So, just for fabric it's around 50-100 dollars.  When I make a quilt and sell it, I am doing it from my stash. A lot of the fabric I got very inexpensively and so I can afford to charge less. Same with other projects not related to quilting.

My skill level
 I have been quilting since 2008, and while I have made many quilts and other items, I am not a expert. There are patterns that I have not tried, and techniques that I am not confident in or have not done. Most of the items I have done are pieced quilted items. I am not a seamstress and cannot do projects similar to clothing.  I am fairly new to spinning(April 2011) and am still learning. 

Time Needed
I have a life. I do other things besides quilting/spinning/sewing machines.  I am also preparing for College next year, and have other things I also have to do. I also cannot sit and sew/spin/work on sewing machines for the whole day - it gets very tiresome. I will take projects in the order in which they are received, and waiting time will be anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months depending on size. I will try to get them done before the time estimate however.

Down Payment
When you ask me to do a special project for you, I need a down payment. The materials and items that I will be getting for your project are not items that I would normally get for myself for other projects. I cannot afford to spend money on a project and then have it not work out.  25% of material costs is what you need to spend up front, and will not be refundable.

If you are interested in ordering a custom quilt/quilted item from me, please fill out the form:

Custom Quilts