About Me

My name is Emily and I am a quilter, spinner and knitter. I also collect and preserve antique sewing machines. I have been quilting since June of 2008, and it is something I enjoy immensely. 

 I started quilting when I was 12. I was given fabric, and my Dad told me I had to "use it or lose it". I decided that it was something I was interested in, and so I started using the fabric. At that time my family had a book business, and as I was going through one of the boxes we got, I found quilting magazines. I looked at them and I thought, "I can do this". It looked simple enough, and what I really liked was the sense of community that I felt through the magazines. I wanted to be a part of that.

Previously, I had tried sewing and I had issues being able to do it because I got really frustrated when I wasn't able to do it right, and on and on and on. Quilting was different though. It was something I could do, and enjoy! So, I jumped in, and made a twin size quilt. It was made of 9" blue squares. I had no concept of how to actually quilt, or really even how to use a sewing machine, so it wasn't a very well made quilt, but I did it.  I was able to finish it in time to show my Grandmother, a week before she died.

My Grandmother was a quilter. My Mother has no interest in sewing, or quilting whatsoever. We like to say it skipped a generation.  I have about 12 family quilts, and I treasure them. 

I first got interested in knitting when I went to an activity at my church and they were showing how to knit. It took me a long time after that to understand how to knit, but when I understood, I started making scarves, dishcloths and shawls. I enjoy knitting when I'm on the go, as it is more portable than most quilting projects.

I am currently living in Ohio, with my husband and two cats. 

For a more detailed history on me, here is an article I wrote when I was 14. It was published in the ISMACS magazine.